English/ International assessments (EN)

A cognitive assessment helps parents find answers to these questions:

  • What are my child’s gifts and talents?
  • What are my child’s potential learning challenges?
  • What is my child’s overall intellectual aptitude?
  • Is my child at risk of having a learning disorder?
  • What kind of educational setting would work best for my child?
  • What kind of extra-curricular activities should I choose for my child?

De Testpsycholoog offers cognitive profile assessments throughout The Netherlands.

The assessment starts with a one-to-one interactive testing session that takes about 2-4 hours and is administered by a qualified psychometrist. The results are then scored, analyzed and detailed in an explanatory report. This report summarizes assessments results and contains detailed information on the child’s cognitive abilities and practical recommendations for developing areas of weakness.

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Cognitive profile assessment – IQ test child

A cognitive profile assessment measures the underlying cognitive abilities contributing to various academic skills. The measurements predict a child’s performance in corresponding academic areas. We encourage parents to test children early. Due to plasticity of a child’s brain, many of these cognitive abilities could be developed or strengthened if shortcomings are determined at an early age.

The assessment uses a combination of objective, norm-referenced psychometric tests to identify a child’s unique cognitive pattern (i.e. strengths and weaknesses in various areas of logical reasoning and information processing). Specifically, it evaluates the child’s ability in Verbal, Visual-Spatial and Quantitative reasoning as well as working memory and visual-motor coordination. It measures a student’s ability in a way that is independent of previous academic training.

The results of the cognitive profile assessment help predict a child’s ability to learn and perform in various school subjects. These results can be used to make informed decisions regarding educational placement and extracurricular activities. knowledge of a child’s cognitive strengths and deficiencies helps parents develop a specialized training or enrichment program for their child.

The assessment report has two possible formats. The first format is a ‘result-overview’ which offers an IQ-profile (different IQ-scores and total IQ) and explanation of the test subjects. The second format is the extended report. It offert the IQ-profile, analyses the results and contains practical recommendations on how to address a child’s specific areas of need or to develop existing aptitudes.

Children IQ-tests administered by De Testpsycholoog include SON-R, WPPSI and WISC.

Giftedness assessment

A gifted assessment is recommended if you feel that your child is intellectually advanced and not sufficiently stimulated by the regular curriculum. Based on the results of the gifted assessment, the school board can decide to place a child in a specialized gifted program designed for intellectually-advanced students or to meet the child’s needs through regular classroom placement augmented with a specialized gifted curriculum.

Gifted children differ from their peers in their thinking, learning style, social interactions, and emotional reactions. Therefore, they require different educational and parenting approaches. Whether or not the child meets the entrance criteria for the gifted program, the results of the gifted testing can help parents to better understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses, and to guide their decisions about extracurricular and enrichment choices.

Underachievement at school: Psycho-educational assessment

If a performance is under expectations or a child is under-challenged at school, the psycho-educational assessment ‘underachievement’ can be conducted. This assessment can benefit a child, teenager of young adult who has trouble keeping up with academic work, gets easily distracted, does not pay attention in class, lacks interest in school work, does not remember what he/she learned previously, or has problems in a particular academic area.

The psycho-educational testing can be suggested by the school, although often parents become concerned and initiate assessment on their own. An ‘underachievement at school’ assessment will identify the persons strengths and weaknesses and will determine constructive ways to work with them. A weakness in one or more cognitive processes (e.g. working memory, processing speed, visual-motor integration, memory, etc.) may interfere with learning progress. Also, a weak social-emotional functioning, motivation, personality and/or executive functioning may interfere with learning progress.

In a parent interview prior to the assessment we will discuss your worries and request(s). You may also provide us with previous psychological assessments you might have. Based on this review, we select the tests and procedures that will best help us uncover the sources of your child’s struggles and guide the way to resolving them.

Adult assessments: IQ test

IQ tests can measure someone’s intellectual potential or help diagnose intellectual disabilities. Complementary to the mentioned above, De Testpsycholoog provides adult assessments, our services do not include a full ‘underachievement’ or ‘giftedness’ assessment but we are capable to offer personal insights and professional advice.

We administer (and recommend) the WAIS-IV EN or the SON-R 6-40.

The WAIS-IV EN is an English language IQ test. It is individually administered clinical instrument designed to assess the cognitive ability of adolescent and adults ages 16 years through 90 years.

The SON-R 6-40 test is an individual intelligence tests for general application which does not require the use of spoken or written language. Therefore, the SON-test is especially suited for people with problems in the area of language and verbal communication and for immigrants. This SON-test can be administered by adults up to 40 years of age.

For registration or if you require additional information please call us or use our registration form (this form is in Dutch, please register your name, e-mail, phone-number and leave your message).

De Testpsycholoog, trained psychologists 

The diagnostic staff of ‘De Testpsycholoog’ is licenced, trained and experienced In the administration and interpretation of psycho-educational assessments. Our team is top-quality; all are MSc (psychologist or equivalent psychometrical) with high university grades. We all are experienced in testing international examinees – with a variety of ages, linguistic backgrounds and clinical, cultural or educational histories. We understand educational problems of international students.

‘De Testpsycholoog’ always focuses on optimal test-performance of your child. This allows us to provide an accurate picture of the current and/or suggested education level of your child. We have extensive knowledge of the Dutch and other educational systems. We understand the challenges it brings for international families.

We are located in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Geldermalsen and offer test administration throughout the country – see our list of test locations.

For two special groups, we have additional pages with specific information (in Dutch). These are children of expatriats and children of immigrants.

Pricing information: our fees

All fees are all-in: intake, test administration, report (pdf and paper), after service, tax.

Any question? Please consult us for further information and to discuss the best suitable instrument for your situation.

IQ-scan (complete IQ-test, report with IQ-overview but no further analysis or advice) € 470,-
IQ-test child 2,5-7 yrs – SON-R € 580,-
IQ test child 3-8 y. – WPPSI € 580,-
IQ test child 6 – 16 y. – WISC-III or WISC-V € 680,-
IQ test 6 – 40 y. – SON-R 6-40 € 580,-
IQ test adult 16 – 90 y. – WAIS IV € 580,-
Giftedness € 880,-
Underachievement at school € 880,-
Schoolvorderingentest (Dutch only)(developed skill or knowledge, year 3-8) € 470,-

Contact and registration

De Testpsycholoog is located throughout The Netherlands. For registration or if you require additional information please call us at (+31) (0) 345 504 989 or use our registration form. (This form is in Dutch, please register your name, e-mail, phone-number and leave your message.)