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‘De Testpsycholoog’ offers English language testing throughout The Netherlands, children and adults. We offer professional IQ-tests, we test giftedness, underachievement and we offer educational level advice. We have high level quality in testing and high level knowledge of the Dutch educational system. Also our team is top-quality (most are cum laude MSc). Our possibilities include non-verbal testing of intelligence.

For two special groups, we have additional pages with specific information (in Dutch). These are children of expatriats and children of immigrants.

Educational level and IQ test – child

The Dutch educational system sometimes does not recognize clearly the educational level of a child from an international or a multicultural family. Additionally, the (Dutch or other) education program might not match the knowledge or skill level of your child.

In these situations, a test might be helpful to understand the problem and seek for a solution. It is important that your child’s education is at a suitable level as it increases chances of its academic success as well as the overall well-being of your child.

‘De Testpsycholoog’ always focuses on optimal test-performance of your child. This allows us to provide an accurate picture of the current and/or suggested education level of your child. We have extensive knowledge of the Dutch and other educational systems. We understand the challenges it brings for international families.

As a result of our analysis, you will receive a detailed report, specific placement advice if wanted, and excellent support in the future.

We are happy to provide customized service and happy to advice you. Our services are based on our experience and expertise and we are committed to support you.

IQ test – adult

IQ testing can measure someone’s intellectual potential or help diagnose intellectual disabilities. The most commonly used IQ-tests are the WAIS-IV and the SON-R 6-40.

The WAIS-IV EN is an individually administered clinical instrument designed to assess the cognitive ability of adolescent and adults ages 16 years through 90 years.

The SON-R 6-40 is an individually administered non-verbal instrument designed to assess the cognitive ability of children, adolescent and adults ages 6 years through 40 years.

On our website you find additional information about our possibilities. Even though most of our website is in Dutch we invite you to contact us directly if you require additional information or have specific questions.

De Testpsycholoog

The diagnostic staff of ‘De Testpsycholoog’ is licenced, trained and experienced In the administration and interpretation of clinical instruments designed to assess the cognitive abilities of children, adolescents and adults. All are MSc (psychologist or similar university education) with high university grades and all are experienced in testing international examinees – with a variety of ages, linguistic backgrounds and clinical, cultural or educational histories. We understand problems of international education and test-issues.

We are located in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Geldermalsen and offer test administration throughout the country – see our list of test locations.

Our fees
All fees are all-in: intake, test administration, report (pdf and paper), after service, tax:

(complete IQ-test, report with IQ-profile and explanation but no analysis or advice); child or adult
€ 470,-
Intellectual giftedness € 980,-
Underachievement at school € 980,-
Dutch School Improvement (enrollment Dutch education, alternative to ‘Cito’) € 470,-
WPPSI-III EN – IQ test child 3-8 y. € 630,-
SON-R 2,5-7 (child 2.5-7 yrs, non-verbal) € 630,-
WISC-III EN – IQ test child 6-16 y. € 680,-
WISC-V EN – IQ test child 6-16 y. *** € 680,-
SON-R 6-40 (child, adolescent, adult, 6-40 yrs, non-verbal) € 630,-
WAIS-IV EN – IQ test adult 16-90 y. € 630,-

*** WISC-V EN: ‘De Testpsycholoog’ offers WISC-V EN (USA edition), since early 2016. We also offer WISC-III EN and other instruments. Please consult us for further information and to discuss the best suitable instrument for your situation.

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